11 February 2010

Rest n' Relax

Cyberedhoy, J-Town

Kalo loe baca tulisan ini, antinya gw cuma mau kasih tau kalo kondisi gue lg demam. Bukan karena tadi siang ketemu mantan jaman cinta monyet (sampe lupa namanya) wkt satu lift, atau bukan juga karena salah makan waktu di kampus malem tadi, atau bukan juga karena gue nelen combantrin 4 tablet barusan.

Pokoke skrg udah jam 11 malem Jum'at pula, pacar gue saranin tidur cepet, sambil dengerin lagu2 slow biar relax. Ujug2 gue merasa back to 90's, awal 90an di radio Prambors jam2 segini dulu terkenal sama acara rest n' relax. Isinya lagu2 pengantar tidur & curhat2 pendengar. Dan malem ini komplit sudah suasana 90an. Lebih2 gue sambil dengerin lagunya Air Supply doeloe, jiaaah...sok romance ;)

(Graham Russell/Guy Allison)

When you first found love,
Was it all that you had wanted
For a thousand lonely years
Was the memory so sweet
Now your scented touch brings me
Back to the enchanted
All shadows fade away,
The gypsy is complete

Someone is walking beside me
Someone is waiting till I say yes I do
Someone is living inside me
Giving me all that I need and I need you
Someone to cry on my shoulder
I just want to stay here forever
From the secret pool,
Did I stare at your reflection
Let the water wash away all the battle
From my soul
For the bride of spring,
Do I swear to your protection
Today will be the day that never shall
Grow old

Silence broken and the blackbird is free
Only your voice can I hear, speak to me


Song Lyrics Someone by Air Supply


(graham russell/guy allison/michael sherwood)

I can see hills touch the sky
Heaven and earth, you and i
A world we will always be
Here in the silence we lie
Shadows we cast, you and i
Speak for eternity

Pressed between pages
Flowers will die
Stories may end as time passes by
You and I will always be
With every word that I hear
Whenever whispers are near
I can believe in fate
Promises made, only one
Yesterday fades from the sun
And falls to a new embrace
Years overflow
As rivers run dry
Here in a moment of time passing by
You and I will always be, will always be

Lyrics by Air Supply, taken from the album 'News From Nowhere'

Written & Photo by Edhoy
© 2010 Cyberedhoy Inc.

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