01 July 2010

Story From Yard

Cyberedhoy, Banten

The story beginning at PTG Yard end of June 2010. I met my old friends from Delta Mahakam project such as ex-Tunu/Tambora Field Development Project Team at Total E&P Indonesie several years ago. Now, we stay together in Bongkot Field Development Project. FYI, in PTG Yard right now we have three big projects from PTTEP Thailand, HESS Ujung Pangkah and ONGC India.

My first day just looking around for site orientation, learn to coordinate with the other site coordinator. In day of 2, in the morning at Mass Meeting is my first appearance to introduce myself in front of 400 workers of Bongkot Project. After lunch,  i'm so lucky to saw stake out of Sump Deck. Then in day of 3, i follow up Management Walkthrough to inspect the pancake (calling for every piece of the Deck). Then make a score for it with client team and my boss.

These are my pictures on site in three day at PTG Yard :

Written & photos by Edhoy

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