24 September 2010

Job Description

Cyberedhoy, Bojonegara

Tiga bulan ini temen-temen gue jarang lihat gue di Jakarta, padahal abis nikah. Kok malah awur-awuran sih? Anyway, mungkin ada yang blom tau dan pingin tau kira-kira 'ngapain sih gue di sini? baiklah, sekedar sharing Job Desc gue sebagai HSE Superintendent aja sih di rantau, kira-kira begini deh...


• Accountable to Project HSE Manager for developing and implementing of Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan.
• Establishment project emergency response team included emergency fire drill in regular basis
• Assisting project management team whenever required for accident/incident investigation
• Organizing and managing of the HSE performance as per company rules and regulation


• Ensure that the company HSE policies document has been socialized to all employees and monitors its implementation
• Monitor company complience with legislative regulations, rules, and standards, make certain that company procedures and guidelines are being properly applied
• Conducted regular HSE internal audit with the audit team for Health, Safety and Environment program implementation
• Conduct planned and random inspections using standardized form to assist and measure management compliance to standard
• Conduct regular hazard identification and risk assesment related to the work activities and ensure corrective action has been taken to minimize hazards or risk level
• Assist and trains supervisor / foreman level in accident investigation analysis and corrective action procedures
• Ensure proper record keeping and reporting procedures are being carried out by management
• Provide new / transferred employees with initial safety orientation and maintaining records of training
• Proper report of HSE program implementation to local goverment and to Project HSE Manager
• Coordinate and/or provide management and other employees with safety training courses required by company policy
• Coordinate and monitor local safety meeting pogram
• Ensure and coordinate with the doctor that all necessary first aid medicine stocks and maintained
• Ensures all accidents or incidents occurred are recorded
• Coordinates documentation of certain required HSE information for inspection by client and/or related goverment institution, agencies.
• Analysis and develops local specific safety, health and environment procedures for management implementation
• Stays informaed on new and covered events in the field of occupational safety, health and environment by maintaining close communication with Corporate HSE Manager and developing contacts with others safety professionals in local safety associates, etc


• Acting as HSE Manager in case of HSE Manager is absents at the time all Health Safety and Environment matters will be handled by him
• To stop or suspension the work if it has potential danger with other until such time that potential danger can be limited.

Nah, berikut rekan-rekan gue di PTG Yard yang ada di kawasan Bojonegara, Banten. Kita dari HSE PTG untuk project PTTEP Bongkot, QPS - Bongkot Field Development Project.

Written & photos by Edhoy
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