01 February 2011

Landing to Bongkot LQ

Cyberedhoy, Thailand

Kali ini kita jalan-jalan dulu ke Bongkot, suatu kawasan migas di laut Thailand. Lokasi dimana Living Quarter yang lagi dibikin di Cilegon bakal dipasang.

After PTTEP had notified in 1996 its · the establishment of relationship of mutual intention to exercise the contractual option to trust, confidence and respect between the become operator, the project organisation was initial and the future operator modified slightly to allow an improved monitoring of activities:
1. an OTP sub committee was created within THE TRANSFER OPTION the Joint Venture to ensure a proper information and involvement of the other partners. The Participation and Operating
2. the Joint Steering Committee was replaced Agreement signed between Bongkot Joint by a PTTEP / Total Joint Management Venture partners at the time PTTEP¨(40%), Committee meeting more frequently Total (30%), British Gas (20%) and Statoil

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