26 September 2011

Ijen 'ngesot vs Ijen Resort

Cyberedhoy, Ijen

Ijen Resort and Villas is the new and first luxury hotel in this spectacular scenic area.

Perched at the edge of the rainforest of Ijen National Pak and overlooking terraced rice fields to a row of volcanoes, each of Ijen Resorst’s 30 room boasts superb views from their spacious bed rooms and balconies. Bungalows with standard superior and suite accommodations are equipped with all facilities for modern comfort. Four hectares of beautiful garden and 360 degrees panoramic vistas of volcanoes,rainforest, terraced rice fields and view of Bali Strait afar make Ijen Resort and Villas itself a tourist destination.

Ijen Resort and Villas is located at 643 meters above sea level, in the remote village of Randu Agung, Licin Banyuwangi. The closest village is a group of dozen of houses 700 meters downhill, or another one 900 meter across the valley. The nearest real village is located at about 6 kilometers away. The hotel offers a comfortable base for travellers to enjoy unspoiled beauty if the rural East Java and resort staff organizes tours to mount Ijen to see its eerie sulfuric crater and other inspirational natural attractions.


 Versi Bahasa dong!!!!!

Jalanan-nya jueelleeeeekkkk, pasti 'ngesot kalo loe bawa sedan!
Kamarnya banyak e'ek cicak di sprei...
Bukan tempat 'nginep utama kalo mau mampir ke Gunung Ijen....
Jauh boo, kecuali loe dari Bali. Dari arah Jakarta?? No way!!
Mahal deh, enggak cocok buat turis lokal, kecuali loe mau nulis buku.
Adem tuh tempatnya buat cari inspirasi ;D

Written & photos by Edhoy.
Reference : http://www.ijendiscovery.com
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  1. resort nya bagus yaaa .... ngak sempet kepikir untuk kesini nich waktu ke ijen

  2. memang di buat mahal agar gak dibuat tempat mesum dengan kamar harga segitu mangsanya bukan turis lokal melainkan turis asing dan turis asingpun kagum dengan semuanya kenapa anda enggak