28 September 2011

Java Trip

Cyberedhoy, Java Island

Coming up next...our little family trip to East Java...

Day-1 :  Jakarta - Malang sponsored by Garuda Indonesia
             One night stand at Pohon Inn, Batu, Malang
             Jatim Park-1 (Daylight)
             Batu Night Spectacular (Night)

Day-2 :  Alun-alun Batu (central park)
             Jatim Park-2
             Batu Secret Zoo
             Secret Museum
             Trip to Ijen, supported by Rent a Car
             One night stand at Ijen Discovery Resorts & Villas

Day-3 :  Ijen
             Trip to Bromo
             Lunch at Pasir Putih
             One night stand at Bromo Villa

Day-4 :  Exploring Bromo's Sunrise & Views, supported by Bromo Jeep Club & Horses
              Trip to Surabaya
              Lunch at RM Cairo, delicious taste of Kambing Oven from East Java
              Surabaya - Jakarta by Garuda Indonesia

Written by Edhoy, Photos by Edhoy.
© 2011 Cyberedhoy Inc, Allrights Reserved

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