24 November 2011

Disney Train

Cyberedhoy, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on the beautiful Lantau Island, it's easy to get there. We use MTR the Disney Train to visit Disneyland Hong Kong, before that we are visited City Gate Outlets nearby Tung Chung station in the morning. Just to buy some stuff and breakfast. Can you imagine that we going to Disneyland brings a big bag from Giordiono. Haha, 50% off...so many thing we will buy in the Disneyland. That's why i buy this bag.

After breakfast and a little bit shoping, we continue travel to Disneyland by the Train from Tung Chung station to Sunny Bay. And then moved to Disney Train direct to Disneyland Startion. i was amazing about Disney Train, beautiful interior with character of Disney's cartoon in each seat. So you can take a photograph with them, also the window looks like the ears of Mickey Mouse , same as the hand holder on the top of handrail when you are standing.

Disney Train to Disneyland

The train brings us to the Magic Kingdom of Disney, when we are arrived on the Disneyland Station. My wife directly go to ticket counter to change our purchased online ticket with access card to Disneyland. There was rainy on that day, but when we go inside the sun so bright. So we don't need to buy a new umbrella.

Written & photos by Edhoy.
© 2011 Cyberedhoy Inc, Allrights Reserved

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