24 November 2011

Disneyland Hong Kong

Cyberedhoy, Hong Kong

When i was a kid, i dreams about Disney's character i likes. Someday i will met them all in the Disneyland. Now, after more than 30 years, i'm visited Disneyland in Hong Kong with my wife. She's also have the same dreams. Watching fireworks with beloved person. Yes, it's me ;)

Entering the Disneyland

Ready to see inside the Magical World? let's check it out...

After entering main gate, you will step into an American Town, it's called Mailn Street, USA. This turn of the 20th century American Town, take a stroll in the quaint streets or ride in old fashioned vehicles. You also can buy many thing in the store like candy, toys, souvenir and join the lively day parades and watch the exciting fireworks at night.

Shop till u can't Shop no more ;)

We go to Adventureland because there is 'Festival of the Lion King' at 3pm. We can saw Marvel in the amazing costumes, lively dancers, fire and acrobatic in this musical show celebrating the movie "Lion King". It was wonderful, truly i'm not interest to watch the musical theater. But since I met Lydia, she introduce me another kind of art. I think Teater Koma can make 'fastival' like this. haha...

Anyway, after have fun with the Simba, we go to the Jungle River Cruise, there is funny skipper takes us on a safari to explore the waters of the jungle and encounter exotic beasts on this big boat adventure. I felt like in the jungle of Tarzan. There are so many live character of the animals. It's so real ;)

Inside Disneyland Hong Kong
What is Toy Story Land? I think it's play area for kids of all ages. DId you know Andy? The young boy from the movie Toys Story? Yup, in the last movie while Andy is away, the toys come to life and play, and we are as guests are invited to join. You can try a Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, Slinky Dog Spin and RC Racer. All arena can make your adrenaline pumping.

When you came to Disneyland Hong Kong, don't forget to watch Mickey 'n Friends in the Magical Show. It's 4D movie when Mickey become a magicians and misbehavior of Donald Duck turn upside down. It so funny how Donald try to catch Mickey's magical hat, and he got ends into the wall. haha...
In the evening we are visited Tomorrow Land, you can see Thrills and Laughs in Space, Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. We discover the thrill of the space exploration, ride a space ship through the dark in an exciting indoor rollercoaster, battle aliens with Buzz Lightyear, interact with Stitch and more! I hate roller coaster, but it's such fun. Pumping my adrenaline ;)

After dinner at Tomorrow Land food court, we directly back to Main Street, USA. Continue shoping while waiting for Disney In the Stars Fireworks. Around 9pm, the show has begun. We watch spectacular fireworks synchronized to the music of the famous Disney films, lighting up the sky with exiting pyrotechnics. It's about more than 10 minutes. My wife looks so happy until teardrops because of our dreams come true to watch a real Disneyland since we are kid.

You can watch the video, i took from youtube :

We spend 10 hours in Hong Kong Disneyland, so be sure to have your camera ready at all times. Don't be shy! Get crazy, go up and give 'em a warm hug. Disney friends love taking pictures with you and always welcome you with open arms.

Written & photos by Edhoy.
© 2011 Cyberedhoy Inc, Allrights Reserved

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