28 November 2011

In the Morning at Ngong Ping

Cyberedhoy, Hong Kong

After check out from Hop Inn Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, we walked to MTR Station around 500m. Then we go to Central Station to change MTR destination to Tung Chung. We are arriving at 9am,  so we decided to take a bus no.11 to Big Budha, because a cable car open at 10am. Almost 1 hour travel to the North of Lantau Island, we can see beautiful view in winter season, rainy morning with cool weather makes us truly refreshing. Far from the city, no polution.

In the end of the road, we're arrived at Big Budha, beautiful view and fresh air. The grasses getting wet when rainy, and we try to get to the top of Big Buddha. Fuuufffhhh, so tired...but felt Walking with Buddha physically takes you on an immersive journey through Siddhartha's life. From the opulence of Siddhartha's Palace to the harshness of the Forest, you will feel as if you are truly 'walking with Buddha'. Travelling through the various stages of Siddhartha's life, you will witness his transition from being a Prince at Court to reaching supreme awareness and becoming Buddha.

Heavy rain when we walking down from Big Buddha. We walk through Ngong Ping Village that so many store selling souvenir of NP 360, then take a breakfast at Subway, buy a Panini Sandwidth. Anyway, when i came to the toilet, i was wondered that there is a family from Indonesia. After buy a Cable Car standard cabin ticket HK$ 80 for adult, we go back to Tung Chung. For detail prices you can visit here.

Cable Car Prices for Standard Cabin

Cable Car is a visually spectacular 5.7km bi-cable ropeway. As the first of its kind in Hong Kong, the cable car journey begins from Tung Chung, crossing Tung Chung Bay to reach the angle station on Airport Island and turning about 60 degrees in the air towards North Lantau. Amazing another experience of Hong Kong.

You will enjoy some of the best views during their joyful 25-minute ride: the vistas of the distant and vast South China Sea and the rolling grassland slopes of North Lantau Country Park from the cable car dramatically change from the hustle and bustle of the city, to the serene and natural surrounds that Lantau is famed for. Ever-changing panoramic views also include the Hong Kong International Airport, verdant, mountainous terrain of Lantau Island, the Tian Tan Buddha Statue and the 360-degree view of the Ngong Ping Plateau.

Reference from http://www.np360.com.hk
Written & photos by Edhoy.
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